A lot of people say this is the weakest Indiana Jones movie, and those people are correct, but it’s still kind of rad. Oh, and there are sins, of course. The King’s Man is another entry in the flashy action franchise and… I was mostly counting the sins, though, I’ll be honest. The Matrix Resurrections was highly anticipated and I think some people love it, but they don’t live here.

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  • The video points out that, in fact, many people do actually use CinemaSins for real in depth movie review and analysis.
  • My love for the the world of cinema knows no bounds, but by contrast, my love for CinemaSins is nonexistent.
  • It doesn’t really succeed.
  • With sins all over the place.
  • And they were wrong.

A Scanner Darkly is one of Richard Linklater’s two rotoscoped films. Some people love it. It’s pretty weird, though. Oh, and it has sins and stuff.

Channel Summary

So we counted them, as usual. This movie made over a billion dollars. This movie is a certified box office bonanza. The critics didn’t seem to dig it, but it’s got pretty decent fan scores on some websites. The real question is…

Go Inside The Brains Behind Youtube Sensation Cinemasins

Kind of a zombie hybrid. The film has plenty of sins, as most movies do, so we counted them. The Shawshank Redemption is one of the greatest movies of all time! Listen, we don’t sin movies because we hate movies, you should know this by now. We sin movies because it’s fun, and it’s just as much fun to sin awesome movies as it is to sin terrible ones.

No, that doesn’t mean we won’t go looking for sins. I suggest you watch the 2 cinemasins videos that sin themselves. I think it will help get the tone and purpose of the channel. He also cites that repeating the „family is everything“ message is merely a surface level excuse to justify the later action scenes. Even the one sin removal in the video was because he invoked Crazy Is Cool, and was immediately dinged afterwards for potentially killing people in those stores. Usually, at the end of a sins video, audio from other TV shows, films or songs with similar themes or motifs will be played over clips from the film.

It also even has its own Wikipedia page. In the original run, Jeremy visits the kitchen to make an inedible edible creation, with all the ingredients based on one film. Thecussingchannel – YouTube. On May 16, 2019, CinemaSins announced that the podcast channel along with its archives can be listened and viewed on YouTube.

Screen Junkies Claim They Never Saw His Series, Refuse To Remove The Branded Video

Feel our pain by watching them. Many of you have been asking for this for a while, so… Hope you’re happy. Because a whole bunch of other people are going to be sad now. Like most movies, even Fight Club has some sins.

Based on a line used in actual movie theaters to dissuade people from entering during or after a particularly exciting moment. „The Power of Boners“ – When a male character’s attraction to a female character leads him to do something nonsensical. “ unintentionally inspires (other movie/TV show)“ – When something shown in a film appears similar to something from a later film or TV show.

In the Guardians of the Galaxy sins video, he really lets the Kyln guards have it for this, claiming that even Stormtroopers are laughing at them for their terrible aim. Anytime the laws of physics are broken. The Fast & Furious series is loaded with a countless amount of sins for this. At one point, it drives the narrator to Angrish. Two of the channel’s „running gag“ sins are „scene does not contain a lap dance,“ and “ is not my girlfriend in this scene.“

The Hangover III is bad. It’s not funny and it shouldn’t exist. The Adam Project is a fun little family adventure film with Ryan Reynolds. It’s not quite Free Guy, but it’s harmless fun.